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Video Services

Great Web designs has shot and edited over 500 video's and Video clips as of October, 2008. ShootsCanon GL2 include videos for websites, as well as video for DVD's. Edits include such clients as www.Learn2StepTV.Com, www.Learn2Step.Com, www.wlscontest.com, www.thesteppersalliance.com, www.BnJs-Razz.Net, www.chisteppermedia.com, www.steppersusa.com, www.clubdelegance.com, www.worldsteppersinc.com www.united2dance.com, www.cscsteps.com, as well as the 2006 3-G's Steppers Contest, 2007 Club D'Elegance Steppers Contest, 2008 Club D'Elegance Steppers Contest, the 2006 World's Largest Steppers Contest, 2007 World's Largest Steppers Contest, Chicago's Largest Steppers Contest, Shine Entertainment 2008 graduation Videos.

For our primary camera equipment we use Canon products exclusively, including the fabulous Canon GL2 (Pictured Above). We can shoot in both 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratio shooting formats.

We do the editing of your video with state of the art editing tools including Adobe Premiere Professional, and Avid Liquid Pro. Edits are done to customer specifications in a fast and efficient manor.

For more information please contact us.


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