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About Us

Our lead designer has been involved in the tech sector of business since the days of the TRS 80 Model 1 and has experience in many aspects of the IT industry. Professional clients have included CNA Insurance, Ameritech/SBC (Now At&T), William Wrigley Jr. Co., and The AON Corporation. Having been around since the inception of the Internet and the growth of the world wide web, he is versed in many of the tools for graphic and web design. With an understanding of the technology and how it works as well as the concepts of design, his understanding of business and how it works aids in his plain talk way of dealing with his valued customers. Small and medium sized business as well as the individual who desires a web presence are the customers who My Great Web Design caters to. We would not encourage you to post a "billboard web site". People visit never changing (what we call a billboard web site) usually visit that type of site once, maybe twice because the information becomes stale by web standards. The web is dynamic and by definition constantly changing... So should be your web site. We specialize in fast updates to keep your site current.

Remember every day you wait to create a web presence, is another day your competition is making sales which might have gone to you.


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